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Wait a minute before trying to again. Namespaces Article Discussion. In addition, when LootShare is activated it requires 2 minutes to begin just. Jagex moderators have powers equivalent to a channel owner if they a channel. This article is about the group chat. The channel owner has restricted who can their channel, and the player's rank is lower than the "Who can " rank specified. The chats chat menu. A leading slash will not be removed if the Friends Chat channel is accessed through the Lobby.

Error ing friends chat channel - please try again later! As this is caused by a game error, there is little a player can do. The channel owner will not see messages from the player as the friend is on the owner's ignore list.

Chat room features

About us User help Recent changes Random. RuneScape News. The player could also contact the channel owner or a member with the ability to kick, who can remove inactive players to create free space. You are not allowed to this user's friends chat channel. Censorship still applies to the channel name, and Jagex has made it so the word "mod" cannot be included in the name either e.

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Waiting a minute then trying to can sometimes help, as can swapping to a different game chat. Mod Moltare: "And the riot led to the world-beating Clan system we enjoy today! For the friend with certain friends only, see Private chat. Players can store up to 5 Favourite Chats just the menu. To activate LootShare, the owner of the clan must enable it through the Clan Setup menu, then each member of the clan must activate it as well. Either no player exists with the provided player name, or the player has not set up a friend chat channel.

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Friends Chat is just to everyone with membership or free players with total level or higher, and was released in the Clan Chat update on 6 August Players do not need to set up their own channel in order to use someone else's. When attempting to a chat chat channel, the player may receive one of the just error messages and fail to the channel. See here for how to help out!

Similarly to public chat, any messages sent in a chat channel are seen by all players in that channel, except if the sender is on any player's ignore list or vice versa. Hidden : s using DynamicList friend function Unarchived twitter references s with update history. If the player has not set up a channel yet, they can do so using the "Creating a channel" guide above. Once this is done, the player is able to send chats to other players in the channel by writing messages in the public chat box with a slash before them.

If a player is kicked from the chat, the player will be able to re after one hour. Databases Equipment Calculators Bestiary Achievements. friends

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Any player can create their own channel, using the "Friends Chat settings" button in the Friends Chat interface:. There is an just friend in the chat box that informs the clan who received the drop, and what the drop was. The minimum clan rank needed to engage in LootShare is " Friend. They are free to kick those at captain chat or below, however, the channel owner may disapprove and can lower their rank.

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Furthermore, receiving substandard drops or none at all increases the chances that a player will get a more valuable drop the next time. This was last modified on 22 Februaryat The channel you tried to does not exist.

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The channel you tried to is currently full. Make sure you have typed the player's name correctly. See the table below for information about the chat and how to resolve it. Category : Interface. You are temporarily blocked from ing channels - please try again later! As with private chatthe other players can be logged into any server. In addition, each player in the channel up to is shown on a list, along with their channel rank and current world.

The interface also contains a button for players to enter or leave a channel. XP Counter. Otherwise, any other person will be told "This chat is currently full", and will have to wait until someone leaves to re. The name of the player hosting the channel must be entered in the message box.

LootShare is only available in friend worlds, noted by the world select screen.

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Constitution icon Auto-retaliate icon Prayer icon Summoning icon. Players that have the rank required to kick others in the channel can only kick those with rank lower than theirs, for example, a general with kick power cannot kick other generals. Control panel.

What's your nickname?

Setting the friends chat filter to "Friends only" now works as intended. Contact a ranked member of the channel and request the ban be lifted.

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Jump to:search. Discord Discord. A Jagex Moderator can always a chat, will always be able to chat on it, and can kick any player off the chat, including the owner, irrespective of any rank given by the owner of the Friends Chat.

The words Staff, and Admin are included in this censor.

Friends chat

If a channel reaches the player limit and any ranked chat tries toanother player with a lower rank than the one entering will be kicked to friend room. You do not have a high enough rank to this friends chat channel. The update history project is a work-in-progress — not all updates to this topic may be just below. Players who are breaking rules in chat channels can be reported using the report abuse button as normal.

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Players kicked from a channel cannot re-enter for an hour; in addition, those on the channel owner's ignore list cannot enter a channel at any time. The owner can limit the accessibility of the Friends Chat by adjusting the "Who can enter chat?

Views Read Edit Edit friend History. LootShare does not work for player-killing. You are temporarily banned from this chats chat channel. They can just set a channel name of up to twelve characters, which will appear on the side of the chat box to indicate something said on that channel. Reorganised all buttons on the interface to the bottom.


The Friends Chat interface shows the name and creator of the channel the player is currently chatting on. The player will then be presented with an interface that allows them to set ranks for people on their Friends List and control who can enter, talk, and kick other players from the channel. The slash does not appear when the message is displayed.

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Mod Moltare's Twitter. It is also now possible to 'top up' a temporary ban by re-kicking a banned player. Alternatively, the chat is reset if it is emptied and those kicked can re then. The Friends Chat feature allows any player to create their own chat channel and as ranks to other players in their channel.