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Speakrandom is your go-to place to discover and chat up strangers safely. Feeling like shower-singing to a stranger?

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Our chat has several search options to provide you with the most interesting people.

Age: 29
Sexual identity: Gentleman
Eye tint: Warm gray-blue
What is my hair: Gray
I know: English, Kazakh
What is my body features: My figure type is quite chubby
Smoker: Yes

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Try Wusoup :. It's random chatwithout the usual sleaze. This is just the best way to get the kind of substantial personal interactions that Wusoup's all about. Zero bullshit.

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Definitely a pick-me-up! A strictly creep-free zone. Meet interestingfriendly people that are here to chat with other cool people.

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The anti-Tinder. A big problem with other attempts at friendship sites that I've seen: no one ever replies to messages! Take a look weeeee! For fun, for making new friendsfor good conversation. Share whatever info you'd like about yourself, or don't. Happy to be a random of this supportive community. Completely nuke all your data at any time. So Wusoup's randomness is backed by a chat karma-backed algorithm that helps to keep out friends, and to maximize message reply rateseven as the community grows.

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I've spent years trying to find people who actually friend talking and WuSoup brings it all together. WuSoup is freaking amazing! Think Wusoup's cool? Again: quality, not quantity. The algorithm that shows you if other people have downvoted the person you're talking to is great because you get a sense of who is likely to actually be a random person instead of a bit creepy or antagonistic or anything chat that.

There's awesome people all around you. In contrast, Wusoup does everything it can to maximize real message reply rates.

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Similar networks are usually hit and miss, but it's been great so far, and so have the people. Wusoup puts a new spin on the excitement of old-school anonymous internet chat. No zombie s! Wusoup's handmade by one guy hi! It's a passion project Users that actually reply. It's about chat for chat's sake. No sleaze, creeps,or other bullshit.

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Just awesome, real folks. There's enough of those already good grief. Users violating the rules are downvoted and banned. I've gotten the chance to tell a lot of people about the transformers. And no need to fight obnoxious defaults: everything's private unless you say otherwise. Also, words are nice - we like them here.

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Privacyanonymity. Human to human. Friendly, free, karma-based chat community. There's enough places online if you're looking for that kind of thing. And also So how can you organically connect with the people you actually want to meet?

One example: fake, unresponsive, duplicate, and low-quality s get auto pruned - so you don't need to wade through muck to find a good conversation.

How to talk to strangers and turn them into friends?

Wusoup's different. It's amazing to see so many great people and NO tools! The entire time I've been on random since there were maybe people ed upI've never been chatted up or asked for a chat or anything like that once. Wusoup doesn't tie you to your Facebook or Google identities.

Ahhh yissssssss. Trolls and other creeps tend to accumulate and ruin the experience. I've never had bad conversations; obviously some have fizzled out, but I haven't had any actual negative experiences!

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The problem. Start here. It's a small, private community and a new way to chat with random strangers with a strict focus on quality over quantity.

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Serendipitythe app. Please help grow the community by telling folks random it! Which means a uniquely friendly, uniquely active group of people from around the world. Wusoup's a refuge for the rest of us. It's about chance encounters with great people : meeting fun, friendly strangers that are here specifically to chat. I myself made a chat friends I regularly talk with on the site. Social networks keep you trapped in your old social circles. Chatting to purely random strangers can be fun, until it isn't.

A lot of people here have great hair. No spam, scams, lies,bots, clickbait, tracking toolbars, microtransactions, contact harvesting, bogus user s, fake messages, or friend nonsense.